We are your

secret weapons on the sideline.

Exactly the players you need.

Exactly when you need them.

We are your

secret weapons on the sideline.

Exactly the players you need.

Exactly when you need them.

We’re a network of successful professionals working remotely to supplement your team – to open doors, or close deals.

Low overheads and flexible working hours. We engineer value, and fall in with your team as soon as we’re called onto the field.

Top tier talent and experience at affordable prices. Available to take to the field for you for an hour, a day, or a week at a time.

Our Services

Building lists of potential clients, networking, relationship building or targeted outreach to secure meetings with decision makers.

Using our well connected, extended B2B network to advocate for your products and services.

Seasoned professionals with skills to support your team as and when you need them.

Some of our clients

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Events, Insurance, Sales, Project Management


FMCG goods, Cosmetics, Cars, Lotteries, Diamonds, Newspapers


Finance, Networking, Organisation


Cosmetics, Hospitality, Events, Brand Management, Trade Marketing

Our Story

We started out making new business calls for our clients. Not just your average spotty 22 year old on the end of the phone trying to persuade potential clients to buy a product or service that they barely understand, but seasoned professionals with industry-relevant proven track records who can have intelligent conversations with potential clients, or even their existing contacts, about how your product or service can help them address their business challenges.

We started building a bench of top-of-their-game Mums looking for a more flexible way of working. We selectively brought on board highly qualified Lawyers, Marketing Directors, Finance Directors, as well as hotshots from the music, property and technology industries. Members in our network now provide strategic and skills-based consultancy to our clients when they have a gap but don’t necessarily have the resources or the need to take someone on full time.

We’ve more recently expanded our network to include, not just mums, but any superstar professionals looking for a more flexible career. As the business keeps growing and new opportunities come our way, we realise how well connected all the members of our network are, through their professional and personal networks we can make just about anything happen and reach just about any audience our clients want. We are match-fit, willing, able and ready to play for you.

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